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Re-Imagining Leadership: Reflections from the WomenLift Health Global Conference 2024

More than 900 delegates gathered to close the gender gap in health leadership

Where’s Evaluator Barbie?

Barbie is a cultural icon. Whether you love her or hate her, no one can deny her sphere of influence. Over the last month, how many times has someone asked, “Have you seen the Barbie movie yet?”

Uncovering the Human Side of Data Science: A Reflection on My Winter Break Experience with Databoom 

As a data science major at Pitzer College, I’m interested in learning how data scientists shape our world, particularly in the non-profit and environmental sectors.

‘Will Stop Soap’: The Beauty and Challenges of AI

We recently dipped our pinky toe into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Telling Stories To Save Lives: How Digital Dashboards Are Being Used

Databoom teamed up with Visualst, and MTV-SAF to create a user-friendly data management system and digitized dashboards to improve MTV-SAF’s use of evidence for decision-making

Using Market Intelligence to Strengthen Health Markets

The idea of ‘Market Intelligence’ can be overwhelming to some practitioners and can conjure up a long list of terms, like “promotion,” “trends,” “supply,” “demand,” and……

The Power of Upfront Thinking

A strong MEL system is a programmatic guide. It helps decision-makers make deliberate choices about how to achieve development objectives.

What The Pandemic Has Reminded Us About Research

In this transitory time, we are reflecting on the lessons learned and skills gained amidst the upheaval of 2020 that will make us better at what we do.

Making Health Markets Work Is More Important Now Than Ever

Total market approaches can help target free and subsidized products to those who need them most and ensure that funders, countries, and implementers use resources as efficiently as possible.

Improving Health Outcomes Must Be Coupled With Person-Centric Health Care

Countries and implementers are under pressure to “meet their numbers” whether they’re FP2020 targets, the SDGs, or donor deliverables