Meet the Team

Our team is made up of researchers, implementers, returned Peace Corps volunteers, strategists, graphic designers, data visualizers, and communications experts. Some of us came from academia, others from non-profits and the private sector. We all believe that the world needs more curiosity, understanding, and action.  

Kim Longfield

Fearless leader, practical solution seeker, strategy and measurement enthusiast, carnival ride connoisseur.

Rebecca Pallant

Diligent researcher, multitasker, lover of learning, compassionate justice seeker, devout Tarheel.

Safeena Ahmed

Social media management – Believer in behavior change, data whisperer, data translator, inquirer, xenophile.

Elissa Hamon

Administrative master, mission-driven professional, passionate helper, word nerd, family cheerleader.

Andrea Rowan

Quantitative and qualitative methodologist (doesn’t play favorites), Excel devotee, undaunted by challenging research questions, usually at the dog park when not crunching data.

Amy Lynn Grossman

Communications strategist, concise language activist, publishing wizard, and frequent collaborator of Databoom, can teach anyone to skate backwards.

Dani Lloyd

Project manager, human-centered thinker, data-driven decision-maker, skilled at herding cats (and people), aspiring mountaineer.

Jess Gergen